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Simplest way to tie knot | Fashion hack #1



How you are guys doing? Many of you guys go to school and when it comes to the uniform. A big break comes when you wear a tie. And even we cannot skip this down. But if we wear this tie will give us a brilliant look. And make you feel so much confident. Lots of you guys find out the simplest way to tie the knot. So you query will be solved right now below.

A simple way to tie the knot


As shown in the above infographic. Firstly take your tie in your hands. Hold it as shown in the figure above.


Make the left part of the tie. To the right over the left tie as shown in the above picture.


The turn the right part of the tie which is taken over on the left make it turn to the right below the left part.


Follow the steps as shown in the above picture.


Follow the steps shown in the above picture.

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Follow the steps in the above picture.


And your tie is ready.


So follow this fashion hack for saving your precious time to spend on this silly little things. if you got any of the quarries regarding anything you can comment down below, I will definitely respond you.

I hope you got the hack.

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