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Rules for wearing a watch | How to wear a watch-left or right? | Men's watches



How are you guys? Back in the new blog. I am here to let you know the information about How to wear a wristwatch. This blog will let you know the Rules to wear the watches. This may be a question of many men fashion enthusiast. There are a lot of questions such as In which hand the watch should be worn, What is the perfect dial size of my wristwatch. All these quarries are going to be solved know.

As we all know that watches are the king of fashion accessories. And accessories is the queen of fashion. Fashion Plays a vital role in style. So perfect styling will not complete when there is no watch accessory included. Similarly, there are so many elegant watch styles for men with specific purposes and occasions in mind. It’s important to know where and how to wear your watch collection and how to style it so it enhances and doesn’t detract from your overall look.

So, lets role down into the blog.

Rules of wearing a watch for men

1.In what hand Men should wear a watch

Man wearing a watch

Many of us have a myth that if a female what to wear a watch then she should wear it in Right hand. And when it comes to a male then people believe that male should wear a watch in the left hand. But I Want to clear this myth that Watch is worn in the opposite hand of the dominant hand. If you use your right hand as writing and other maximum work then male or female has to wear a watch in the left hand. And if you use left hand as writing and other maximum work then you should wear a watch in the right hand.

This is the truth. So think twice when you wear a watch.

2.Selecting the perfect Dial size for your wrist

Watch dial size infograph

I accept that the big dial watches are a fashion trend. But this is not the perfect way to wear a watch. We humans have a lot of different sizes of wrist. And the perfect size suits you are depends on your wrist size. So, first of all, you just have to take a tape and measure your wrist. And have a look below the chart.

I hope you understood the chart. Work on it.

3. Pair your outfit with a perfect watch

Infographic for matching watch for outfits


This is a very complicated topic. If I get into deep this blog will get much bigger and you may get bored. So let's discuss this topic another blog. But I will give you the normal information in the above infographic you can refer to it.

4. Don't tell the time seeing into the mobile phone

Time in the mobile phone

This is my story that I use to tell time to the people who asked me to say, Even I have a watch in my hand. So many times the people use to laugh at me. They use to crack jokes. But this was my fault. Even you have a watch in your non-dominant hand and you are seeing the time on your mobile phone. This makes you look a fool please avoid this.8 useful accessory

5.Match your watch with leather belts and shoes

Matching shoes belt and Watch

You can match your watch belts with your dress belt and shoes This makes you look so classy. Again, this is a base guideline. It looks good, it's a good place to start – but if you wear a gold wedding ring and you want a steel watch, or a gold/steel blend, you don't have to follow that rule. 7 summer men's fashion summer trends

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Realize one thing don't waste your money on expensive watches if your wallet is not accepting it. Watches are an accessory which will make you look very handsome. In your outfits.

I hope you like the article if yes comment down with a compliment and if you have any quarry regarding this please let me know. I will reply to you asap.

Thank you

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