• Affan uddin

Fashion in 2020

We all are crazy about fashion right. We all want to style ourself to look different in the crowd. Here fashion and style are two different topics. Fashion is a thing of different ways to groom ourselves in simple Fashion is the latest trend running onboard these days and style is a different thing like making use of that fashion on our selves in a manner which looks great.

There are many designers who make the craziest fashion and style them on models to display on runways and fashions weeks. In my sense Fashion defines a person genuine and it expresses the nature of a person. In Daily life any person who carries themselves in a good manner they get more footage than others who don't. Hence in the year, 2020 fashion is growing comparatively. There are many brands who are in a competition to grow there brands in a high position.

The fashion show is an event to put on by the fashion designer to line up their upcoming clothing and styling. In the 21st century, Designer took the fashion shown to another level which is influenced by technological advancements such as Pre-recording videos and DIGITAL MARKETING of products. There are many TVs shows how to live stream fashion shows and show backstage is fashion weeks. Below is a Tv show related to runway and fashion week.


Hope this blog helps you know about what is fashion, style, runway, and fashion in 2020.



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