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7 Things Every guy should stop doing right now | Teenagers


Hey you, Yaa you whats up. How you doing. I know you guys are here to know about 5 things every guy should stop doing right now. These days every teenager has different bad habits which will lead to a big barrier to your success. In this article, I am going to make you stop doing different things. Like making you aware of such things which will stop you becoming a successful person in the future. Stop the stuff that is keeping you miserable, playing small, and making you feel like DUMB, well whatever it is you are feeling that’s got you stuck in life. Whatever your problem maybe but you need to stop doing this 7 things to enjoy your further life.

Now let's get into the article and make our enjoyable.

7 Things every guy should stop doing right now

1. Stop watching pornography

This looks some weird but this a major issue in our society. I am going to share all the disadvantages of this bad habit and also share some real-life issues with you. Look the self-gratification is very important in our lives. But when it comes watching pron the mind changes towards it as it is a pleasure. And nothing on earth is better than it. Our brain will focus on it as it gives more pleasure. And we gradually fall into it.

And also when a boy or a girl watch porn. And think it as the reality of the physical relationship and when this situation comes across with a boy or girl obliviously after marriage they don't feel satisfied and many marriages will get broken down due to it. And also people don't respect their relationships. The brain will stop the power of focusing a work which feeds your stomach.

So this should be stopped in your early stages of growth for not facing the future problem.

2. Stop Alcohol and cigarettes

Smoking and alchohol

I know many guys get these habits in their college days. They do it for fun and become more gradually fall into a life and death habit. Alcohol is scientifically proven that excessive consumption of it will damage a person's liver. And every smoker has fear in their minds of getting cancer. Even though they do see the poster on the labels of the alcohol bottle and the pack of cigarette. If in case you don't get a bottle of alcohol or a cigarette then your patience level will get down and will not act normally. This will spoil the future of a guy who is just getting into the career. Hence these habits should not be entertained. And every guy should stop as soon as possible.

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3. Stop making Excuses

Believe me, I am telling you I use to make excuses before I do anything creative. For example, if you are going to make a TikTok video many of the guys will make an excuse of not having a great camera. Or such accessories like mobile holder. But this all comes under excuses. You can see any TikTok star or any influencer on the field they got started from scratch to riches. You just wish to focus on your field and do give best. And if you are interested in becoming an MBBS doctor and you will definitely bring an excuse of not having much money.YTo by an MBBS seat. Think of it if you get the seat by your knowledge because you do want to become a doctor. Then you don't need to bother about the money. Hence you guys have to stop making excuses.

4. Stop Finding girls

No girls

This is a major issue in teenagers. I know every guy in his teenager wants a beautiful girlfriend. And want to make her his life partner. But this is not a solution for you want. In the teenager, it's just an attraction between a girl and a boy. Nothing else.Every guy sleep by finding girls on social media and wake up in the morning finding a girl. And you always stare at the girl at your colony or your school. You should avoid this stuff or less this will never end off and will affect you in the future. When the time comes everything will go fine and all the decision will up to you.

5. Stop eating unhealthy food

I can stand as an example for this topic. When I was 15teen year old I use to eat so much unhealthy food. Just like junk food and street food as well. This type of food will taste well but will affect your body like anything. When will either lose a lot of weight or else you will gain obesity. I lost my weight from 45 to 38 kgs when I was 18. This made me feel uncomfortable in public spots. As I was so so thin. This food will let you gain fat and kill the inner parts of your body such as intestines and digestive system. In the future, you have to work very hard to bring this fat down or gain weight. So you have to stop eating this food right now.

6. Stop maintaining in a circle

You really don't need a circle. One great man said that the fake people maintain a circle as compared to the real guys out there. So a person needs a friend who really cares about you either a circle who wants you to spend money or stay in a circle for there sake. You can make a single or two to three friends who really want to become friends with you and share all the things. You can see that any secret which is shared in a circle is not put as a secret and shared to a lot of people. But when you share something to your close friends this will never hurt your feelings. So think about it and avoid being into a circle.

7. Stop hiding your feelings and thoughts

I have seen that many of the guys out there don't share there feelings and thoughts with anybody .As I to don't share my feeling though. But this is a major regret very guy going to have it in his life. For example, if in your college there is an event organised by your class then everybody should have to take part in it. Others wise you will lose your presence in the group of your class. As equally if you are having feelings towards any of the Opposite gender then you should express your feelings otherwise you will lose your time thinking of her.

Hence stop hiding your feelings and thoughts.


I know you guys got the info you are searching for . this will surely change your life and make your future better. I know this will take time but apply this to your life and enjoy the upcoming your success.

Good luck

If you got any questions related to this please do comment down below I will definitely solve your query.

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